Office 34, Alloa Business Centre, Alloa, FK10 3SA

Briskona Ltd is the UK based arm of Eurona Telecom, Eurona HQ is based in Barcelona, and have offices throughout Spain, United Kingdom, Ireland, Panama and Shanghai. Briskona Ltd specialises in Broadband Internet delivery, especially for rural and under served areas and will primarily be offering Wireless and innovative/emerging solutions but also has experience offering fibre and other wired solutions. Briskona Ltd is also working with local partners for installation & commissioning (I&C) services and value added solutions such as CC TV and enterprise solutions.

Briskona Ltd has networks across Europe and has also designed and built Broadband solutions in the UK, we will be partnering with spectrum owners and network build partners to offer licensed and unlicensed solutions with an evolution to LTE as this emerging technology comes on stream. Briskona Ltd currently has over 22,000 square kilometres of coverage and over 10,000 customers spread between UK, Ireland and Spain.

Briskona Ltd operates in a sustainable and commercially viable system in many rural and under served areas. In some areas the population density can be as low as 23 persons per square kilometre as an average.

Briskona Ltd is working closely with equipment vendors, solutions providers and whole fibre based bandwidth partners to provide voice and data communications, security (PSN compliant and up to IL4), enterprise, wholesale and content solutions

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